• Beth Kolar

The Lady

I've been saying for years that I can't draw. I stay away from anything that resembles drawing. It's intimidating! This "Sitting on The Floor" work is step #1 in conquering my need for perfection. To create this 16x20inch palette knife painting on stretched canvas, I found an image I liked and without judgement, created lines and curves to match what I saw. You will see that her right shoulder is abnormal. I left it, thinking it would be fine. Her legs are weird. I didn't know what to do with them... I left them. I was also SUPER excited about this background...until I started painting with colors that looked AWFUL with the background! Live and learn!

As I started filling in, I wasn't sure WHERE to put colors! I assumed certain colors were better for highlighting (light ones) but really struggled with this. Starting with browns and neutral tones worked.

I noticed that her right shoulder was awkward, her butt was odd and her left arm was too short! Poor lady! You can see here how I overpainted her shoulder. Her legs look more feeble hear as well.

Once I started adding pink to the skin, blue shading and yellow highlights the background looked less awesome. After adding more color to my sitting lady, the background had to go! Her spine also started looking like a big ole zipper! HA! I had to revisit my model image to figure out where to show shadow and where not.

In my attempt to problem solve the background I added parchment and brown and LOTS of directional strokes that didn't look as good in person as they do in this photo! There just seemed to be so much going on... I then remembered my original vision for this! I wanted to do cross-hatch palette knife strokes and so landed on white with some of the brown bleeding through.

I lessened the shadow and added a TON of little bits of color and called her FINISHED!

Thanks for 'listening'!

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