• Beth Kolar

Art: Its Purpose

You know what I love about great art? I love that moment when I look at a painting, or a drawing, or whatever... and I am immediately transported. It feels as if I cease to exist in one place and instead, exist someplace else. That moment - between being HERE and being THERE is what I love. There is no breath, no feeling, no thought. There is only existence.

Then thought takes over. Thought and emotions. The emotions evoked by use of color, skill and composition spark thought. How did they do that? What did they do? Why did they choose that color? Were those strokes on purpose or did they just happen? And down the rabbit hole I tumble.

Anyway... that is how I decide if something is "great art" or merely beautiful, interesting or generally pleasing to look at.

For my FIRST image post, as an example of this ability to transport me I am going to highlight someone else's art!

Click here to see her entire Instagram Feed:

Thanks for listening.

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