Beth Kolar

Self taught artist - although I don't think ANYONE really is 'self taught'. I learned art from watching my mother sew, paint rooms, decoupage walls, create gifts and eventually attend (at SIXTY-THREE!) college programs for art. I watched my dad and his sister photograph landscapes, aerial photos, people and pets. And I watched the world around me - full of color.

I started my art career as a photographer, with my own local little photo studio, shooting weddings, families and boudoir sessions. Eventually switching to a career in fitness ( and finding great satisfaction in the functional beauty of strength in movement.

One day, in one of my sporadic meditation sessions, I saw a vision of a blank canvas. I watched as I moved  yellow paint across the canvas. with a palette knife. I opened my eyes and said "OH! I'm an artist." So I started painting! Strange, but completely true.

I don't think some 'other' being ordained me  - I just think I was still long enough to REALLY listen to what was inside me.


I started painting 6x6 inch abstracts (below) in October of 2019 and have painted nearly every day since then. Most of my work is abstract, or impressionistic and usually in acrylic... but, I'm new! Who knows where this journey will take me!?

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